In the spring of 2017 we had the opportunity to partner with Prospect Refuge Studio in Minneapolis to help an energetic young company build their dream space. We walk into projects at a wide range of stages, from designing, to framing, to finishing, and everywhere in between. Each presents its own challenges and possibilities. We were initially approached by lead interior designer Victoria Sass to create a massive modular display unit... out of I-beams. Our solution highlighted the raw, industrial aesthetic of unfinished beams, welded into a heavy framework. We made folded steel cabinets for the bottom layer, with bypassing sliding doors and drawers to provide ample storage. The shelves and shadow boxes were designed to be completely mobile. We focused on reducing their weight wherever possible, and designed a unique system which allows a person to lift each shelving piece out and rearrange them into endless combinations without a single screw or fastener. 

shelves detail.jpg

To complete the space, two steel work tables were built with complementary dimensions and finishes. To keep the space as flexible as possible, we fitted them with industrial grade casters. 


We were also tasked with a few late-stage additions to tie together the space and serve a few practical needs. Such as this perfectly nested cabinet where guests can stow their coats and belongings. 


One of the pieces we were most excited about was this massive steel front desk. We constructed it out of heavy sheets of hot rolled steel, selecting a panel with beautiful natural coloration ranging from deep grey to subtle shades of blue.


Special thanks to Victoria of Prospect Refuge Studio for including us in her grand vision for this space. Each and every piece we created for this project was designed collaboratively, over many cups of coffee and sketchbook pages, and it was a blast to turn those sketches into a reality.

We'd also like to thank Amanda of Amanda Marie Studio for capturing these beautiful photos.